Hey CFM! Heads Up! Jennifer Barham will be at the Box Monday and Tuesday afternoon to answer questions you might have about Plexus. Below is an account of just how much Plexus has helped her improve her wellness and well being. IF any of you have been frustrated or discouraged with lack of energy, headaches, insomnia or any of the other barriers to wellness listed below; carve out some time to pick her brain about her experience with Plexus as part of the solution.
As I look back over 2015, I feel so thankful for the changes in my life and health. A year ago, I was still sick and suffering from the residual effects of a debilitating bout of mono a year earlier. I’d been healed from the mono, but fatigue, brain fog, depression, and headaches still occasionally plagued me. I could do my daily routine with my husband and five children, but I would often not sleep well or I’d need a nap or have to miss out on activities. Any EXTRA activities or festivities (Christmas parties, birthdays, late nights, etc.) absolutely sent me over the edge needing days of recovery. I was sort of “on the edge” of being un-well all the time. I had tried lots of homeopathic remedies, supplements, essential oils, detoxes/fasts, high-protein diets, gluten/dairy/sugar free diets, etc. I had no extra reserve to continue with Crossfit, which I’d loved for several years. Eventually giving in to what I thought was inevitable, I had no extra energy to discipline myself to prepare to eat right, get my sleep, and take the best care of myself. I was just exhausted and overwhelmed. I found all of this extremely upsetting because I am naturally a lover of life! I love to have fun, to visit with people, to go out and be active, to serve in my family and my church and everywhere else I go, to LIVE! My family is active and we have always had big plans to do great things with our time and money and lives – dreams of growing up and growing old loving each other and having a blast together. I wanted to be Mom of the Year and Wife of the Year and I wanted to serve the Lord with gladness! I couldn’t imagine how that was going to happen with me worn out by dinnertime every day and being almost too pooped to even be sweet to my family. Last spring, a trusted friend of mine started posting about a turnaround in her health because of Plexus, all-natural, plant-based supplements. I could not believe that such a dear, smart friend would be taken in by such a scam. And POST about it! I never asked her about it when we talked, but I could see the difference in her, and I kept watching/reading her posts. Eventually, I asked. She explained about gut health and how Plexus heals the gut so that the body can mend on its own. Then I tried it because of the 60-day money back promise and the purity of the products. I didn’t notice anything for a few weeks and I was determined to get my money back. Enter Plexus Week Four. On my fourth week of taking Plexus Triplex, I woke up one morning and had the thought, “Man, it’s beautiful outside! I’m going to get a bunch of stuff done today.” That was new! I had energy all day, not incredible bursts of energy, just slow, steady, easy energy until bedtime. I’d been sleeping great, too, and not waking up at 3 a.m. My mood was lighter and happier and I wasn’t getting stressed and overwhelmed. As the days passed, I noticed I was able to handle more and more activity, demands, outings, people, and LIFE. My fatigue was GONE, completely. My shortness of breath was gone. My brain fog and daily morning headaches were gone. I was hormonally and emotionally balanced like never before (some of this might be due to my middle-agedness and not the mono). My gut was healing and I was feeling fantastic. I am SO thankful to God for giving me Plexus, for using it to heal me, for giving me my life back. Now I can enjoy my family as six blessings and not feel them as a burden to be managed. I’m so grateful to be talking about all that sickness crap IN THE PAST TENSE. I’ve had six months of feeling great! Since I’ve started on Plexus, I’ve heard countless testimonies (like mine) of people who suffered from all sorts of things – weight problems, diabetes, chronic pain, low energy, insomnia, and on and on – and were healed through Plexus products. And while I joined Plexus to get the products wholesale and introduce my immediate family to it, I’m passionate now about telling everyone about it. I talk about it all the time because I don’t want someone who NEEDS it to MISS it! It’s NOT a scam or a scheme. It’s the REAL DEAL, and I’m the proof!

CrossFit Total

Level 3 Advanced:
” Nancy ”
5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 M
15 Overhead Squat (95/65)
Level 2 Intermediate:
5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 M
15 Overhead Squat (65/45)
Level 1 Beginner:
5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 M
15 PVC Overhead Squat