1) 1RM Snatch with 2 second Pause 1″ off the floor
2) 5 rounds on the 4:00 minute
5-10 Unbroken Power Cleans 175#/125#
5-10 Unbroken Strict HSPU
Begin each new cycle on the multiple of 4. (8:00, 12:00, etc.) No pause between cleans and wall, then rest until the beginning of the next cycle. All cleans must be unbroken. When you drop the bar, go to the wall. All HSPU must be unbroken. When you come off the wall or fail a rep, wait until the next cycle.
L2: Cleans 135#/95#, Kipping HSPU
L3: Cleans 95#/65#, Pike push ups or z-press