Good luck to Suzie and Austin as they compete in University Nationals in New Orleans! May you have PRs and a great time!

1. Gymnastics Skill/Strength Session 15:00
If you have ring muscle ups, pick one of the following appropriate to your skill level:
a. Max set of UB muscle-ups (If you have 5+)
b. 5×3 UB Muscle-ups
c. 10 MU for time
If you do not yet have muscle ups, or want to make yours stronger, pick one of the following and alternate between movements:
a. 5×3 strict chest to ring pull ups, 5×3 strict ring dips
b. 5×3 strict pull-ups, 5×3 strict bar dips
c. 5×3 pull-up negatives (assisted or not), 5×3 foot elevated push-ups keeping a good plank.

2. WOD
In teams of two, complete one full round, then tag in your partner.
21-18-15-12-9 Thrusters (95#/65#)
40 Double Unders
200m run
*Everyone completes all the work, rest as your partner completes her or his round.

5×5 DL
3 Rounds
4 Ab rollouts
6 Power cleans
8 Lunges