1. Muscle-up Practice:
Pick a variation appropriate to your skill level. If you have no interest in MU, or are just starting CrossFit, use today as a chance to work on your strict pulling and dipping strength.
a) 5×5 UB Muscle ups
b) 5×3 UB Muscle ups
c) 5×2 UB Muscle ups
d) Max single MU in the allotted time
e) MU transitions, false-grip PU/ring rows, strict dips, kips on rings, hips to rings, etc. Ask coach for progressions.
2. WOD:
60 DU
30 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
15 DL (245#/165#)
L2: 215#/145#
L1: 185#/125# or less

DL 5×5
Prowler Down and Back
15 Burpees
Prowler Down and Back
12 Burpees
Prowler Down and Back
9 Burpees