Things just got REAL! The coaches divided up our open participants into 4 teams that (we hope!) are evenly balanced: #suz-don’t-lose, Pasty Proteges, Corey’s Crusaders, and Laura’s Legion. Check out the picture or the back whiteboard to see where you fit in! Please make sure that you’ve all checked the “Crossfit Murfreesboro” team button on your profile. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late to join the fun. Sign up here. Let the games begin!!

1. 1 RM Snatch

2. WOD:
5 Rounds:
1:00 row, moderate pace
4 Ring Muscle Ups
L2: 1-2 MU or BMU
L1: Pick your most challenging Pull-up+Dip
ex: 4 strict PU + 4 stationary dips
ex: 4 C2B + 4 Ring dips