Wednesday Feb 19th

Wednesday Feb 19th
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Open Registration!  Your going to regret not getting to be a part of this!  Register tonight HERE!

8min EMOM
4 TGU (2 each arm)
*Heavy but perfect


“Push Pull or Drag it In”
3 Rounds
15 pull-ups
15 Shoulder 2 Overhead (115/75)
10 Over the bar Burpee

Level 2: Same
Level 1: Banded pull ups, S2O 75/55 or less

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Feb 19th”

  1. Brian Andeson says:

    Did some MU skill work and ran 800m and then got 9:07 on this WOD. Should have been faster but it gets stinky really fast.

  2. Satterfield says:

    A solid time sans 800M and MUs! Nice work!

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