Monday March 3rd

Monday March 3rd
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Great work on 14.1 CFM!  Don’t forget to submit your scores for the Open HERE  before 5:00 P.M. Pacific time Monday Night!  If you miss your scores for the remaining 4 weeks will be inadmissible.   I will have until 5:00 Pacific Tuesday to validate the Open Scores so our position on the leader board will reflect our actual standings after that.

Also,  many of you have not yet submitted your Legacy Cup scores.  The same deadline applies to these as well.  I have entered some of your scores manually but it seems that might cause duplicate entries so its up to you to get em in!  Here  is a list of those of you who have successfully entered scores for the legacy cup.

6×6 hang clean *Heavy but perfect
“death by thrusters” (95/ 65)


3 thoughts on “Monday March 3rd”

  1. Jessica says:

    30 min AMRAP
    Run 1 lap
    10 burpees
    Run 2 laps
    20 wall ball
    Run 3 laps
    30 kettlebell swings
    Run 4 laps
    40 walking lunges
    Run 5 laps
    50 sit-ups

  2. Brian Anderson says:

    Death by Thrusters?? What did we ever do to you?

  3. Brian Anderson says:

    125/135/155/155/165/185 (Got into singles by 4th rd. – Too heavy for this guy.)

    11rds completed Rx. Finished rd.12 for pride.

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