Thursday, March 13th

Thursday, March 13th
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3 rds NOT for time
3 muscle ups/ 6 C2B
10 pistols alt leg
60 sec hollow hold

21 Double Unders
15 Air Squats
9 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35#)

Level 1: 3:1 Single unders and Kettlebell Swings 35# or less

3 thoughts on “Thursday, March 13th”

  1. Brian Anderson says:

    Did Press & Push Press strength with Tabata work.

    6 min AMRAP: 5rds + 29 reps

  2. Satterfield says:

    Strict Press……NOBODY is doing enough of this in CrossFit. Watch a 1RM Press fall out of the hopper at the games.

  3. Brian Anderson says:

    I added strict press to supplement the bench press that I no longer do. It was ‘the’ press before the bench press was cool. It is also very humbling. Like, as in a 135# PR slice of humble pie.

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