Event #2 and #3 of the 2014 Central Eastern Regionals

Event #2 and #3 of the 2014 Central Eastern Regionals

Top Scores on these two events last week included CF Adrenaline with a total of 530′ Handstand Walk and CF Bound with a 1100# total in the 2nd Event.   The Handstand walk is going to be a major separator!

TEAM EVENT 2 – 2014

1-rep-max hang squat snatch

Time cap: 8 minutes

For this event, teams will have 8 minutes for each member to perform their heaviest 1-rep hang squat snatch. Athletes may lift in any order, but each member will only be allowed two attempts. Teams will begin with one platform, two empty barbells and a stack of plates. It will be the team members’ responsibility to load their bars for each lift. The smallest weight increment permitted will be 5 lb. Only one teammate will be allowed on the platform at a time (including weight changes). The others must remain in the designated area until the working athlete returns.

After the 8 minutes is up, teams will have 2 minutes to transition to Event 3.

The team’s score is the sum of the heaviest snatches each member completes.

Movement Standards

Hang Squat Snatch
This movement begins with the athlete deadlifting the barbell and stopping at this position prior to snatching. The athlete may not lower the bar past the knees after deadlifting the weight. The barbell must be received in the overhead squat position. A power snatch followed by an overhead squat will not be permitted. Only the feet may touch the ground during the lift and the athlete may not step off of the lifting platform at any time during the lift.

Teams may change weights up and down as needed. Athletes must roll the non-working barbell off of the front of the platform and lift facing it.


TEAM EVENT 3 – 2014

Max distance handstand walk

Time cap: 6 minutes

Team members will go one at a time, separated by 1 minute each, in any order they choose. Each athlete will have 1 minute, will begin with their feet behind the starting line, and will walk as far as possible on their hands without their feet touching the ground. If the athlete kicks up to their hands and travels less than 10 feet this will be considered a “false start,” and they may re-attempt from the starting line. If the athlete has more than two “false starts” they will either receive a score of 5 or zero. Once athletes have finished their attempt they will continue down the field onto the finish mat to keep the lanes clear for the next athletes.

If an athlete makes it the full 120 feet to the other side of the stadium, they will stop and receive a score of 120.

Teams will begin this event 2 minutes after completing Event 2.

The team’s score is the sum of distances each member walks on their hands, measured in 5-foot intervals.

Movement Standards

Handstand Walk
The athlete must start with their feet behind the start line and must stay within their lane as they travel forward. Both hands must cross the 5-ft. increment line to earn that score.