Thursday August 28th

Thursday August 28th
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TBThursday!  Evan and Angela Circa 1995 Brentwood Academy prom!  Scroll to bottom to see Angela Rock the same dress Spring of 2014!

Double unders
10 Rounds
30 sec max reps
30 sec rest
* Scale with heavy rope singles


3min AMRAP at each station:
Tire flip jump throughs
Farmers carry (around track for distance and load)
Prowler push (down & back on black mats for distance and load)
* 2min rest between stations. Start at any station.



2 thoughts on “Thursday August 28th”

  1. Brent says:

    That is a nice dress and Angela looks wonderful in both pictures but come on Evan, after all she does for you, could you at least buy her a new dress once in a while? You don’t need to go crazy or anything but a new dress at least every 10 years would be a nice gesture.

  2. Satterfield says:


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