Monday, May 4th

Monday, May 4th

Suzie “Might Mouse” Petty!

How many years have you been involved with CrossFit?

It will be six years this May (I started my Sophomore year of high school)

Whats your favorite cheat meal/treat?

Can one really have a cheat meal if they aren’t on a diet to start with? It’s not so much a secret that my “strict” dieting is a little lax. But I do love cheeseburgers

Whats your favorite/least favorite Benchmark WOD?

Least favorite- Easy. Karen. 150 wall balls for time. 9 foot targets and 5 foot girls don’t mesh well Most favorite- It’s actually probably a tie between Angie (100 pull-ups 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups and 100 squats) and Cindy (AMRAPx20 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 squats)

Whats your favorite/least favorite movement?

Favorite- Handstand push-ups Least favorite- Rowing…or thrusters…or wall balls..not a fan of running either (can we have multiple least favorite movements?)

What sorts of events/movements would be great for Team CFM at Regionals?

What sorts of events/movements would be “not so” great for Team CFM at Regionals ?
 EVENTS: I think what makes team CFM strong is that all of our strengths and weaknesses balance each others strengths and weaknesses out very nicely. I mean if there’s a heavy barbell I’m very confident in the fact that even though I personally may struggle with rep-ing it out I know my teammates will be able to pick up my slack and of course vise versa if they need my help on something like handstand push-ups. That being said I think as long as the hopper gives us a little freedom and says we can split up the reps how we want I think we will be able to handle most any workout and not be in the “dog house” so to speak. But I think if there is somewhere we might struggle it would be more on a workout that is waterfall style where every team member has to do every movement, including the ones that aren’t in our wheelhouse.

Do you have any “pre game superstitions”?

When I first learned how to do muscle ups I was afraid that if I did a muscle up in the warm up then that would be one less muscle up I would be able to do in the workout and to this day, even though my muscle ups have gotten better, I still will not do a muscle up before a workout that has muscle ups in it….never know how many you have left right?

Besides CrossFit, what hobby or activity do you enjoy most?

I love snowboarding and sitting by the pool.

State one fact about yourself most people don’t know.

I can not eat any type of meat if it still has the bone in it. Bone in my food absolutely freaks me out and watching other people eat food with bone in it freaks me out.

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3 x 150′ (Down AND Back) Prowler Push
*High Handle BOTH WAYS
*Rest as needed between efforts
*Loads should be manageable without stoping.
50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:
* Scale Double Unders with 2 Min Double under attempts.

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  1. Jessica says:

    30 clean & jerks @ 135/95LBS,
    1 mile run,
    10 rope climbs @15ft,
    1 mile run,
    100 burpees.

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