Wednesday, May 6th

Wednesday, May 6th

How many years have you been involved with (crossfit)?
I have been crossfitting for six years. I started in January 2009 at the original CFM and have been the head coach since August 2012.

What is your favorite cheat meal/treat?
Reese’s blizzard

What is your favorite\least favorite movement?
My favorite movements are snatches, overhead squats & jerks.
My least favorite movements are running 🙂 and high-volume heavy deadlifts.

Who is your favorite “A-list” CrossFit athlete?
Julie Foucher

Besides Crossfit, what hobby or activity do you enjoy most?
Snow skiing

State one fact about yourself most people don’t know.
I grew up on a farm. We had horses, chickens, goats and a pig named Goober.
Josie Parsons

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5 sets of the complex:
1 Power Snatch, 2 Snatch Balance, 3 Overhead Squats
* Heavy but Perfect.
* No Fails
Row As Far As Possible in 7 Min!