Thursday, May 7th

Thursday, May 7th

How many years have you been involved with CrossFit?

-A little over two years.

Whats your favorite cheat meal/treat?

-It’s a toss-up between burgers or pizza…with ice cream for dessert.

Whats your favorite/least favorite Benchmark WOD?

…Amanda, squat snatches and muscle ups are a nasty combination but I look forward to that one every time.

Least Favorite

…nothing in particular comes to mind, but it would have to be something like Cindy or Mary. I know that may be shocking since I look like a pure gymnast but it’s a well-known fact on our team that I get a little slow on longer workouts.

Whats your favorite/least favorite movement?

-Favorite…anything with a heavy barbell, snatch in particular. -Least Favorite…burpees with thrusters as a close second.

What sorts of events/movements would be great for Team CFM at Regionals?

-We tend to thrive in the events with higher skill elements involved, but no matter what the hopper throws at us I am confident we’ll take care of business.

What sorts of events/movements would be “not so” great for Team CFM at Regionals ?

-A 1RM deadlift or squat would be less than desirable, but as a team we have improved immensely over the last year and I have no doubt that we’ll hold our own in any event.

Do you have any “pre game superstitions”?

-No superstitions…just get warmed up, go to the Lord in prayer, then go out there and leave it all on the competition floor.

Besides CrossFit, what hobby or activity do you enjoy most?

-Cooking…gotta feed the machine, working on cars, and firearms. But really if I’m not in the gym or working I am just trying to soak up some time with my amazing wife, Kayla Scott!


8,6 or 4 rounds of Tabata ABS:
1: Hollow rock
2: Sit Ups
3: Plank Holds
4: Bicycles
* 20 Seconds work and 10 seconds rest
* Alternate between Movements
18 Min AMRAP of
Run 400M
3 Rounds of 5 Pull Ups, 10 KB Swings (1 Pood/ 1.5 Pood) & 15 Box Jumps (20/24)