Monday May 11th

Monday May 11th

Jacob Wallis.  The newest athlete to join to team CFM and one of the most well rounded athletes we have ever fielded!  We had to go back to 2008 but we were able to verify that he does have a shirt.

*Extensive Warm Up For High Volume Snatch
Power Snatch Technique, Safely lowering the bar and “avoiding the press out”.
WOD (Event 1 2015 Regionals)
75 Snatches for Time (75/55)
*Scale as needed.

1 thought on “Monday May 11th”

  1. Jessica says:

    Endurance WOD
    Teams of 2
    2 rounds for time of the following:
    400 m run while partner does 50 kb swings
    Row 30 cal while partner holds plank
    50 wall balls while partner holds wall sit
    30 toes to bar while partner holds dead hang
    * each partner will do both movements before moving on to next pair of movements, so person 1 will run 400 m while person 2 does 50 KB swings, when both are complete, person 2 will run while person 1 does KB swings and then the pair will move on to the row/ plank hold

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