Tuesday, June 16th

Tuesday, June 16th
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Push press 3×8 -Increase weight each set.
8 pistols
16 push-ups
24 double unders
Run 400 meters

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 16th”

  1. Saturday Brian says:

    Open Question: What’s the goal on a WOD like this (w/o a barbell) when you are scored by your ‘Coach Austin Handicap’?

    i.e. How many rounds/reps will Coach Austin beat you in this WOD? Is minus 3 rds a good score? Could anyone stay on the same round with him? If so, for how long? Anyone good enough to make him run fast? Ha! I seriously doubt it.

    What if it was 3 vs 1 with each teammate rotating rounds? #itsgettinggoodnow

    Maybe I’m awake doing homework and looking for distractions. #stillagoodidea

  2. Satterfield says:

    I think the 1 on 3 might work.

  3. Saturday Brian says:

    Agreed. Would be fun to watch his casual smile turn into a gameface…and then see him politely congratulate three vanquished opponents for their effort.

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