CFM’s 100 Day “Fittest Fall” Challenge

CFM’s 100 Day “Fittest Fall” Challenge
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Join us Wednesday October 28th  at 7:00PM to see what the 100 Day “Fittest Fall” challenge is all about.  We will hold a brief Q & A addressing  how to get started, how often you should train, nutrition, supplements and what results you can expect to see by the program’s end.  This meeting is purely informational and no actual training is planned but feel free to come in a little early and watch some of our classes in action, meet the coaches and see the facility.

The “Fittest Fall” challenge is offered to new CFM Members and includes a 2 week “Jump Start” class comprised of beginners only.  (This is your chance to get your feet wet and build up a head of steam.  Participants will each be given a baseline BMI and Body Fat Percentage assessment.  These measurements will be taken monthly throughout the 100 day period.  Your coaches will be expecting a commitment from you to train a minimum of 4 times a week as well as adherence to the nutritional guidance you receive during the “Jump Start”.

The costs will be $99/mo. (3 Month Commitment).  Thats a $480 value for under $300 !!!!!!!

Imagine going into the New Year leaner, stronger and more healthy than ever.  Don’t wait for the New Year’s Resolutions.  Lets get to work TODAY!


7 thoughts on “CFM’s 100 Day “Fittest Fall” Challenge”

  1. Maria Arrieta says:

    Will love to start the challenge but will be out of town for two weeks…from the 21st to Oct 10th….when does the challenge starts???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Maria,
    We can get you started on any of the following dates with this special: September 20th, October 4th, or October 18th. So I hope we see you on the 18th! Do come to the meeting tonight at 7pm though, if you can!

  3. Monica Stewart says:

    I used to be a member there earlier this year, but had to stop due to a change in finances caused by divorce. Would I still be considered a new member?


    1. Angela says:

      Hey Monica, check your email!

  4. Michelle says:

    I am out of town but would love to sign up for the 100 day fitness challenge. Will you be holding a Q&A session next week to get started?

    1. Angela says:

      Hi Michelle,
      We are holding another Q&A this Wednesday the 28th at 7pm. Come watch the tail end of 6pm class and stay to find out more! Our official start date is October 4th. Hope to see you this Wednesday!

  5. ashley delozier says:

    Could I join with this special starting the 18th of October? I desperately need to get back in a box and be held accountable! Could you email me the info since I missed the Sept 28th q & a?

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