Great turnout for Murph yesterday! Nice work, everyone!

OPTION 1: If you did not complete Murph this weekend:
In a 10:00 window:
Run 1 mile, then max Clean and Jerks 135/95
rest 3:00
In a 7:00 window:
Run 800m, then max Snatch 115/80
rest 3:00
In a 4:00 window:
Run 400 m, then max Thruster 95/65

OPTION 2: If you completed Murph Monday:
Alternate 500 m row with the following mobilizations. (2.5k row total)
(minimum) 2:00 each side: BB quad rollouts
2:00 each side Pec mashing with lacrosse ball
2:00 each side lacrosse ball forearms or triceps stretch
2:00 each side, couch stretch
2:00 each side, pigeon stretch
*stretch and roll out as needed.