December 4th, 2018



Win your own bar or a Hylete backpack!
12 PRs of Christmas running Monday- Thursday for 3 weeks in December! Watch our FB group for daily challenges released at 8PM. You then have until 8pm the following day to add your video to your own FB or IG with #CFMNewYearsDeal19 @crossfitmurfreesboro

CFM Christmas Party Friday December 21 6pm @ the Retzlaff’s

CF Kids coming back in January!!!! Stay tuned for days and times! See the #CFMNewYearsDeal19 for an extra deal for all our kiddos!

CrossFit Murfreesboro – WOD

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A.) Core: 2-minute drills

:30 elevators

:30 bicycles

:30 v-ups / tuck ups

:30 hollow hold

Rest 1:00 then repeat


B.) Skill:

1. 2 sets

5-10 Ring Push up

5-10 Ring dips

3-5 Strict Chest to ring pull-up


-Normal push-ups or low bar push-ups

-Strict dips: Box, GHD, negatives on the rings, etc.

-ring rows, low bar pull-up, banded strict, etc.

2. 3 sets

10 ring Kip swing

3 box transition drill OR low ring strict MU drill

3 Jumping MU


-kip swings on bar

-pull-up negatives or partner assisted pull-ups


5 sets

Unbroken MU (pick a number of reps that you can maintain unbroken throughout the 5 sets)

Rest as needed between sets


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Criss Cross”


30 Double Unders

15 Power Cleans (115/80)

30 Double Unders

15 Toes to Bar
Scaled 95/65

3:1 Singles to Dubs (90 total)