Oly Weightlifting



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CrossFit Murfreesboro – Speciality Class: Weightlifting

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A. Mobility @0 min




Traps (barbell rollout)

Wrist stretch

B. Track Drills

C. C&J Barbell warmup

5 behind the neck strict presses

5 good mornings

5 elbow rotations

5 back squats

5 straight leg deadlifts

5 lunges *each leg

5 side lunges *each leg

5 muscle cleans

5 push jerks

5 split jerks

30 second warrior stretch *each side


Jerk Complex (See comments)

3×2 Strict press in split stance

3×2 Push press in split stance

3×3 Push jerk in split stance

*add weight each set

Jerk Complex (5×1)

(1) dip drive (1) push jerk + (1) dip drive + (1) split jerk

*add weight but keep light to focus on speed and technique

Tall Clean (5×2)

*from high hang

*add weight each set

Clean and Jerk Complex (5+ x 1)

(1) high hang clean + (1) front squat + (1) split jerk

*add weight