CrossFit Murfreesboro Vision, Mission, and Values

As the original CrossFit facility in the middle Tennessee area, we strive to provide everyone with the best service possible. It helps to have a clear focus and vision for our community. We think that it is important that our members understand we want the very best for them. Our vision, mission, and values drive how our community interacts. We thank you for choosing us to help you take the steps toward a fit and healthy lifestyle.


CrossFit Murfreesboro will help to fight chronic disease within our community by providing superior coaching, a welcoming community, and safe and inclusive programs through fitness and nutrition for those in all phases of their health journey.


Keep our members healthy, happy, and wanting more.

CrossFit Murfreesboro Values Statement

Plug and Chug:

The keys to health are not the same equation for everyone. We will help everyone find the correct answers to their health equation by engaging in their journey and walking with them each step of the way. It is ok to make mistakes, to start over, or to go a different direction.  It is our job to help those we serve find the answers to their equations.

Lead by example:

Be mentors to our staff, to our members, to our community – always giving open, honest, and timely feedback.  Constructive criticism that is done in private, but recognition done in public.  Foster and support engaged staff members so that they provide the ultimate client experience to athletes entering our gym.

Create a positive, faithful, inclusive community:

Our members are like family. Each will be treated with the respect that we would give our family members. They will know that they are part of a group of like-minded individuals with a common goal. We are driven to treat others in a manor that is truly welcoming and accepting. Never being judgmental and never turning our back on anyone because they do not believe what we do. Shine light and in turn help others shine their own.

Speak love, honesty, acceptance, and positivity:

We are proud of you. Communicate with our clients that we are proud of them, that they are seen, and that they are important. Be honest with each other. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Introduce people to health in a manner that they can accept without shutting it out. Meet people where they are at.  Know that we all don’t move the same and make progressions to get them to their goals. We don’t all have the same goals either.  Don’t project our goals on to our clients. Lead with positivity in every interaction. 

Show Our Grit:

CFM has GRIT! Work smart. Work Hard. Set Goals. Crush them and then set new ones! Show courage to learn new skills, to be yourself, and to change old habits. CFM has true strength in character, and it flows openly through our doors.