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New to CrossFit?  We require you to join an “On Ramp” class.  Participating in “On Ramp” classes will give you a chance to become familiar with the many movements used at CrossFit Murfreesboro as well as give us a chance to get to know you.  As coaches it is very important that we know your strengths and your weaknesses. “On Ramp” classes are scheduled on different dates each month. Sign up below and we will contact you to setup an On Ramp start date.

If you already know CrossFit and you’re ready to join, sign up below and come join us for a WOD!

Drop In’s – book a WOD below!

FAQ & Info

[accordiongroup][accordion title=”Do I have to start at the beginning of each month?” size=”small” open=”no”]No. The classes simply rotate so you can start ANYTIME.[/accordion][accordion title=”What if I can’t make it to some of the On Ramp classes because of scheduling conflicts?” size=”small” open=”no”]If you are unable to EVER make it during the scheduled “On Ramp” classes contact Evan at (615) 904-5683 and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. If there are only a hand full of classes you can’t make it to, don’t worry, the classes do overlap and are designed to allow for some absences.[/accordion][accordion title=”What happens after I complete “On Ramp”?” size=”small” open=”no”]You join us in the regular workouts! We know this seems daunting but remember, there will always be a knowledgeable coach in every class and each of the workouts in our regular classes have a “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” version so you can proceed at a pace that suits you![/accordion][accordion title=”We were first” size=”small” open=”no”]Our coaching experiences as the first and longest running CrossFit facility in Rutherford County, have shown that you will get the best results when we provide instruction, motivation, and knowledge that is tailored to your individual needs. Keeping this in mind, class sizes at Crossfit Murfreesboro will be capped at 15 clients per coach. This insures you get all of the individualized training you expect and deserve.[/accordion][accordion title=”We care about what you eat” size=”small” open=”no”]We offer comprehensive nutritional guidance including but not limited to eating journal review, meal planning, and personalized supplement advice.[/accordion][accordion title=”We train CrossFit athletes” size=”small” open=”no”]For the competitive CrossFit athlete, CFM offers a world class facility, TONS of open gym hours and space as well as flexible training schedule that provides opportunities to train 2-3 WODs a day, get additional strength training and supplemental practice with the Olympic lifts.  As one of only two Tennessee affiliates to have made it to the CrossFit Games we at CFM have a strong competitive heritage.[/accordion][accordion title=”Our box is the best. No, really.” size=”small” open=”no”]Our Facility boasts 2000 square feet of lobby, an Indoor Track and over 12,000 Square feet of training space. Our facility is widely regarded as one of the best in the world! The space allows for us to offer up to 10 hours of “Open Gym” time for training if you are interested in training multiple times in a day or doing additional strength or conditioning.[/accordion][accordion title=”Why don’t we offer memberships that have limited visits on a weekly basis?” size=”small” open=”no”]Good question. We used to offer 2 or 3 visit per week memberships but found that these clients were paying 90% of what the unlimited clients were and getting 70% of the results! Not a great value. The fact is, with CrossFit, there are weeks where you can (and should) train 5 or even 6 times in a given week. And then there are weeks where you need to listen to your body, take a few days off and recover. The unlimited membership gives you the flexibility to go hard when you can and to rest when you need to without wasting visits to the gym! [/accordion][accordiongroup]


Here’s the Deal: We want to invite you to try CrossFit Murfreesboro any Saturday at 10:00am FREE of charge (limited to 3 visits).  If that time doesn’t jive with your schedule,  just give us a call and we’ll schedule you for a free trial class!  What you will find is a training experience entirely unique from any other.

ON RAMP: $99 for individuals OR $75/Each for Buddy Rate.

Get Started Deal: On Ramp +  1st month Membership $190.

Drop-in Fee: $20 day pass or $75/week.


10 Visits: $149

Personal Training: $50/hour.

(Contact us for assistance with getting connected to the right coach for you!)

*Ask about discounts for firefighters, law enforcement, students, teachers and military, and married couples. 

Please call us for team pricing

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