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“I have always worked out in some form or fashion whether it was aerobic, weightlifting, or some kind of sport. With that said I still had my doubts and worries what if I couldn’t do it or what if I’m not strong enough or fast enough. Those doubts and worries quickly went away. Taking the 3 free classes that were offered just to really see what CFM was really about. There is no fluff to get you to join every coach quickly learns your name jumps in and helps with your form giving tips and experienced advice on movements and new workouts. With different scaling options for each workout I have never felt any pressure to do anything that may cause injury. All in all, this is a great place to push yourself and become the person you really want to be. Surrounded by like minded individuals experienced Coaches and a friendly inviting atmosphere. There is nothing more I can ask for. I enjoy every work out.”

– Matthew Murray

“When I came to CFM, I was unsure about my ability to “keep up” with other athletes in the class. To be clear, I WAS really bad at first but the coaches never allowed me to think I was anything but a top notch performer. I am stronger, faster, and more active than 75% of men my age. I can out last my teenage son in a WOD! This is all because of CFM and the excellent coaching/culture.”

– Justin Few

“I have always wanted to be physically fit and strong and CrossFit always amazed me. For years I was too intimidated to even try a class but I finally got the nerve and went through On Ramp. Evan was my first coach and instead of crazy workouts we talked about mobility, functional movement, and overall health. I’ve never looked back and couldn’t be happier with the result. Not only am I stronger, I am more confident and have gained a supportive group of other people pursuing fitness. I have friends that have joined because they’ve seen how happy it makes me, and whenever they visit they comment on how great the atmosphere and coaches are at CFM. CrossFit has become a lifestyle and CrossFit Murfreesboro is the reason why!”

– Christa Farrar

“I enjoy CFM because I am always challenged by the workouts. The feeling of community at CFM and CrossFit in general is what keeps me involved. The encouraging environment from the other members and coaches is good motivation to push to be better.”

– Eddie Boyte

“Our diets went out the window when my wife became pregnant and I put on the pounds fast. With a friend encouraging me, I signed up for on-ramp and immediately loved it. In 13 months I have gotten stronger while losing 25 pounds.”

– Brian Young

“The coaches, community of members and class size always allow for me to get a great workout and quality coaching.”

– Cory Ponder

“Being a CFM member has been the encouragement to help me get back into exercising and more mindful of what I eat. The variety in workouts keeps them from being boring and the comradery with the other CFMers keep me encouraged and helps me to push myself.”

– Linda McMillan

“Although several friends had suggested CF, my conception of what it was and/or who the people were, was completely false! I pictured a bunch of “muscle heads” walking around with gallon jugs and hyping each other up. Quite the contrary and I’m so happy I finally signed up for a Saturday class. Evan was the coach and we left that day feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted, in (good) pain and incredible!!”

– Angela Hrinda

“I am an active veteran with back and shoulder injuries from 17 years of service and 3 deployments. I enjoy the body weight exercises, but did not care for (and honestly still do not) Olympic weight lifting. I was very hesitant for hurting my back. However, to my surprise CrossFit has been the very best thing for my back and shoulders. It still crushes me when a college age girl out lifts me, or does a lot better than I do. But the coaches, do a great job of pushing me past limits. I really enjoy ringing the silly PR bell and seeing and feeling the results of CrossFit. I’ll probably be a long time member.”

– Don Lines

“Love the box and coaches. If you are willing to put in the work the coaches will help/push you to your full potential. Brad /Suzie and Evan really help take your fitness to the next next level.”

– Dennis Tobin

“I started at CFM in December during winter break from school and softball. My friend Sarah had been telling me about it, so I went to a free Saturday class. That day we did Randy, Karen, and a 3k meter row with a partner and I was hooked. I’ve made some friends older, younger, and the same age as me and it makes it more enjoyable to go workout. I love the high intensity pace of CrossFit because not only is it a great workout but it helps me with my anxiety and emotional swings too. CrossFit helps get rid of most of the excess stress that I have going on in my life and the more I work out, the more I feel like a happy normal person again. CrossFit has helped me find an inner fire I haven’t had out in softball for awhile. I just want to be like so many amazing CrossFit competitors and that has helped motivate me too. Being apart of CrossFit has also helped me admit when I’m not ready or strong or conditioned enough for certain things, basically showed me that I won’t always be perfect and it’s helped me figure out more of who I am. CFM is a great place with amazing people and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

– Kristin Uselton

“Moving to a new area was a little scary. I knew if we could find the right Box, that our integration in to the community would be easier. We have met a few good friends through CFM.
I can honestly say the workouts programmed at CFM has increased my workload ability. I have learned new skills because the coaches don’t take “I can’t do it” for an answer and always push me to keep moving. My form has improved. My lifts have improved. My stress level always is better when I get to a WOD…. and it has been a stressful couple of months! Our coaches get to know what each person needs and pushes everyone a bit different.”

– Mary Retzlaff

“I love the hard work that CFM provides in their daily WODs and I would not choose another place to increase my fitness.”

– Kera Pasquerilla

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